Form Emailer and Form Letterer

Fri Apr 01 2016

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Form Emailer and Form Letterer

screenshot of form emailer screenshot of form letterer

April 2016

A mini "software suite" that makes sending mass, personalised emails very simple. I created it because I was too lazy to send emails manually when I was an intern. It was written in Python with the help of python-docx.

Form Letterer allows you to quickly generate Word documents from a template, (e.g. documents with different names/dates/amounts), while Form Emailer lets you send personalised emails with different files attached. They synergise as you can use Form Letterer to generate unique documents and then send those documents in personalised emails with Form Emailer.

One of the "killer features" this software suite has is the ability to send unique attachments (a different attachment to each recipient), which Outlook Mail Merge lacked. Another cool feature is it supports arbitrary Python code in substitutions, which allows for amazing substitutions Mail Merge just can't support like conditional execution.

Form Letterer GitHub
Form Emailer GitHub