Wed Sep 20 2023

These are things I've built.

MMODiscord: Run your own virtual world on any Discord server April 2021
A virtual world that sits on top of any Discord server
Board Game Engine September 2020
An multiplayer board game engine where anyone can build a board game with just two JSON files--- think Tabletop Simulator meets Super Mario Maker
GSoC 2020: implementing real-time metrics for MGGG's Districtr app August 2020
I implement a new feature on the backend and frontend for a reactive web app
Rebuilding this website August 2020
I move this website from Jekyll to Eleventy, and give it a makeover for good measure
Building a code sharing MVP with React and the WebSockets API August 2020
I learn all I can about systems design and build an MVP using React and the WebSockets API in four days for a technical interview.
Building an Bayesian SMS sender September 2019
A SMS pipeline I built to investigate the effect of different messages on clickthrough rates, using Thompson sampling to maximise effectiveness.
Doing distributed data analysis on a Raspberry Pi cluster September 2019
A cluster of 16 Raspberry Pi 4s used for distributed data analysis with Apache Spark.
Blocktrain August 2018
A blockchain-connected train diorama
Phonics Game July 2018
Educational game I built on a lark
Dropship Chess September 2017
A chess program on a custom OS/computer I built following the NAND 2 Tetris Course
Inspector's Gadget August 2017
Custom Electron app that makes building inspections more efficient
Automated Transaction Tracker August 2016
An automated SMS reminder system for the Singapore Army
Form Emailer and Form Letterer April 2016
A collection of Python scripts that simplifies the process of sending mass personalised emails