Recontextualising my site (2022)

Thu Feb 03 2022

tags: public programming


The last time I redesigned my website was 2020. I moved from Jekyll to Eleventy and made the site look a bit nicer. Now I want to do a bit more with it: not so much a redesign, but rather a recontextualisation. What do I want my site to be and do?

I want people to be able to discover my website with a Ctrl-K input, something like Notion, or the full text search in Visual Studio Code Ctrl-Shift-F. Ideally they should be able to discover all the tags as well.

Joel Lee, [3/2/2022 1:53 PM] > [In reply to lieu] > ?

lieu, [3/2/2022 1:55 PM] > [In reply to Joel Lee] Yeah i know algolia but it seems a bit heavy and or overkill

This is the kind of search I'm looking for: I think it's built into his template so he didn't have to implement

I really like Monocle, this is almost exactly what I want

![](Monocle preview)

Password-protect private posts

Right now, private posts are on the website, but they're just not displayed publicly (you have to have the exact URL). This is OK for now but will obviously become an issue once full-text search is implemented.

I would ideally like to index private posts as well (make them searchable) but password-protect the full text content.