Convergence is (finally) coming

Mon Nov 30 2020

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lieu, [26.11.20 14:28] i think the future will be

you carry a work phone and a personal phone and there will be laptop/desktop/tablet "shells" completely dividing up form from function You only upgrade one device

You can keep the shells and peripherals the same

That is a key value prop imo

And the best thing is that those shells can be really any form factor you want really They don't even have to be restricted to laptop tablet desktop Could be anything That's what i mean by decoupling Conceivably in the future you might have a touchscreen wall let's say Just plug your phone into the dock And then the entire wall mounted screen becomes a massive tablet If you want to do big screen gaming plug it into your TV for consumer .. the way forward is to wait for apple to do it

Microsoft doesn't have the solution because you need to control both mobile and desktop and apple is the only person who does Google has chromebooks which are shite Microsoft king of desktop only so apple is the only one who could pull it off you have a phone which is your primary computer and you can plug it into anything

we are decoupling the form of the device from the brain of the device just like i plug my laptop into a 28 inch monitor this is just taking it ot the next step you have a phone that can plug into a tablet/laptop/desktop shell or "dock"

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