Protocols for optimal health

Sun Jan 01 2023

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Entrain circadian clock with as much light as possible in the day, and avoid light as much as possible at night

Light entrainment happens solely in the upper visual field -- extraocular light perception does not exist.

Get light in the upper visual field.


To be maximally healthy, we should have long duration steady state cardio, short and intense maximal heart rate cardio, and resistance training.

  • 180 minutes of Zone 2 cardio
  • 30 minutes of maximal HR cardio (certainly not sustained)
  • Resistance training

The primary driver of muscle hypertrophy is mechanical tension. Your muscles have to produce force to overcome a weight. By Newton's Third Law, a force likewise acts on your muscles. The cells in your body ha


Burkholder (2007). Mechanotransduction in skeletal muscle

There's some evidence that loading the muscle (ergo forcing it to produce force) in a stretched position (e.g. when the muscle is at its longest)