Home gym ideas

Sun Sep 27 2020

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Rather than pay $1,000 for a gym membership my neighbour Bryan and I are thinking about building our own home gym.




Titan Racks:


10 Best Budget Gyms:


How to build a Home Gym on the Cheap


Update 4th October 2020

Discussed with Bryan: either put it inside my room or outside in the space between both of our houses.

Prices are actually pretty reasonable: should be <$2000 for the entire set.

Got the link from Marc: directhomegym.sg --- no name Chinese brand that Marc used for his home gym

Update 7th

Update 9th October 2020

I did some research and standing racks are right out because they take up far too much space.

Update Sunday 10th October 2020

Bryan seems to be having cold feet about the whole thing. He balked at the price.