Using technology to aid language learning

Sun Apr 23 2023

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Some scattered thoughts on how we can use technology to build something 100x better for language learning

ChatGPT can act as a native speaker

ChatGPT can give you exercises

Here is ChatGPT


German Konjunctiv II practice

I would like to practice the German Konjunctiv II mood, and I would like you to be my helpful and knowledgeable German tutor. I would like you to give me a sentence in English, and grade me on my translation. The sentences you give me should use the Konjunctiv II mood.

German Reflexive Verb Practice

I am looking to practice German reflexive verbs. I would like you to give me a reflexive verb in German, with an example English sentence using the verb. I should translate the sentence into German correctly.

An example:

Reflexive verb: sich freuen (to be happy)
English sentence: I am happy because I have a party on the weekend.

You should wait for me to give you my attempt at translating the sentence to English before you give me the correct German translation.

A proper dictionary extension and flashcard capturing extension

Idea: something that allows you to highlight any word or phrase, and it automatically looks up

also it should give you the option to translate it automatically and capture it into a flashcard deck. maybe even do text-to-speech

snip video fragments and put them into flashcards??


AI-generated flashcards