Optimising my onebag

Thu Dec 01 2022

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Things to remove

  • Timberland boots: Too heavy, can be replaced with something a bit more minimalistic, even for Iceland / really cold weather.
  • Uniqlo cargo pants: Too heavy of a weight, not necessary, and replaced with the water resistant pants anyway.
    • In future, wear 1 pair of pants, pack 1 pair of pants, so I'll just go with grey slacks plus gray water resistant pants
  • Toiletries: Carrying way too much soap/shampoo, I'll just use one bar of soap for everything in the future.
  • IMDA green bomber jacket: Actually quite decent, dresses up nicely, but doesn't have much warmth at all, I feel like almost always i'd rather wear the UL down or an outer layer rather than this.

Things to add

  • The weird rubber thingys that let you strap stuff to the outside of the onebag that I saw in a Reddit post somewhere
  • Sunscreen
  • Button-up shirt: Get something nice enough to wear to formal dinners, but also casual enough to wear on its own, probably some sort of Merino wool shirt
    • something long sleeve, light, breezy, can't be linen because that doesnt look formal enough? and it cannot ever wrinkle
    • does such a thing even exist???
  • Sandals/slippers: Something open-toed, but with straps, used for lounging round the beach, walking around indoors, minimalist hiking/walking.
  • Phone case/stand of some sort: To prop up phone so I can have a more comfortable viewing angle when working on the go.
  • Bluetooth mouse. Not strictly necessary but it's a bit annoying to have to tap the screen of my phone to click stuff. Also useful for laptop obviously.
  • Cap/hat/visor (for hot weather): Something to keep the sun out of my eyes, good for walking on sunny days, Frisbee, etc.
  • Gloves: Not super pressing this time of year, but look out for a good, lightweight pair that works with touchscreens.
    • I DEFINITELY needed gloves for skiing, and those gloves are bulky AF -- don't think they can fit in a onebag. Maybe Arcteryx or Patagonia sells some UL versions.
  • Merino buff: I see this recommended all the time on r/onebag. Neck and head protection for the cold, and even potentially the heat (avoid sunburn), impromptu sleep mask, face mask.
  • Sarong. This was such a good thing to wear around hostels, lounging round the house, even as an impromptu picnic mat, sunshade, etc. Thee batik pattern certainly attracted attention. Cotton isn't such a good material though, takes forever to dry (to be fair, it doesn't really have to be washed that often), maybe look for IDK, linen??

Things to replace:

  • Laptop: Biggest win in my opinion. Really full-featured, but way too big and heavy, and battery life is now poor. But running a proper desktop OS is non-negotiable, and Windows is an additional bonus for gaming (but I do very little of this while traveling). I'd like to replace it with something that has a much smaller form factor.
    • Ideal device is something like a tablet form factor that's
      • runs Linux
      • folds into two
      • can also be used as a portable external monitor for the phone
    • Maybe some sort of foldable portable monitor with an all in one "PC Stick", or Raspi with custom battery case, or the Framework Laptop case, idk
  • Phone: It's functional, but if it were foldable and ran Linux I wouldn't need a phone at all. I've recently been able to be more productive on the go by buying a foldable Bluetooth keyboard: small enough to pack in a coat pocket
    • One incredibly underrated thing about a bluetooth keyboard is that apart from allowing you to type with all ten fingers, it also effectively doubles the phone's screen real estate (since when you type on your phone half of the screen is taken up by the on-screen keyboard)
  • Remarkable: Don't do enough reading on it, because I consume a lot of content online, and the friction of sending PDFs/eBooks to my RM is too great.
    • Can be changed with the right habits. Keeping for now.
  • Rain shell. The existing outer layer I have sucks, not waterproof at all. Thinking of getting a Arcteryx shell of some sort as an outer layer that's waterproof but also breathable with pit zips etc, using it as the only layer on warmer days and adding in Uniqlo UL Down jacket + Heattech layers in cold weather.
  • Heattech thermal layers. Do I really need 2 pairs of each?
    • The thinner blue layer is quite nice for going to the gym on slightly colder days, packs small anyway, so i'm fine
    • I think the thing that takes the most space is the grey Heattech extra warm sweater layer, that one is indeed very warm, it's like a sweater of some sort almost, maybe I take it as double duty.


  • Some sort of sling or hot weather vest: backpacks go on the back, hard to slip stuff in and out quickly, I have very much appreciated the deep inner pockets you get on the Uniqlo UL Down jacket.
  • Relatedly, hot weather friendly outer shell -- UV protection, rain protection, with inner pockets and stuff, must be super breathable (pit zips are a must) maybe in a light grey colour, how do the Arcteryx stuff stack up in hot weather?

Things I want but rejected:

  • Cleats: Honestly this would be really nice to have to play sports but sacrifices have to be made while onebagging I guess.
    • Why don't they make something like detachable cleats? LOL
  • Beanie: Really nice to have in cold weather, but they tend to stink because of my head oils. Find another solution.
  • Magic TCG deck. Lol

Other thoughts

  • Is there an outer shell that is suitable for wearing in hot weather?? Honestly having an outer shell that's waterproof in Singapore seems like a good shout.. but full black is going to be incredibly hot, maybe some sort of grey would be better.
  • Have been wearing the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG for two weeks now. Reasonably comfortable, doesn't smell (yet), have been putting it through its paces with frisbee and stuff. A bit less traction than I'd like on the hard muddy grass, I've slipped a couple of times.
  • Haven't found any use for the big metal container that I bought in Iceland, it is really nice that it's metal so you can heat it up, store hot food in it etc, but it just takes up so much bulk. I suppose I can use it as a container to store like idk, socks or underwear or something?
  • What do I do with the metal crampons that I bought, they are so heavy and useful for only one specific thing (hiking in Iceland in winter/spring). This is more general question that is worth considering: what do you do with all the one-use stuff you need for a specific usecase, can't keep bringing that stuff with you
  • The fanny pack is great, keeps all my stuff with me safe and sound, no complaints there. Good buy.