Three levels of competency

Mon Nov 30 2020

tags: public draft

[Forwarded from lieu] that for many endeavours there are three levels of competence/knowledge

lieu, [22.11.20 21:03] [Forwarded from lieu] the first level is slavishly following / repeating dogma, like following a recipe when cooking, or following a recommended build in dota

lieu, [22.11.20 21:03] [Forwarded from lieu] the second level is being able to make smart substitutions, to riff on an existning recipe, e.g. make ingredient substitutions/know which can be elided, or when in dota adapt the build to your opponent, or when playing guitar know what chords can be substituted for others

lieu, [22.11.20 21:03] [Forwarded from lieu] the third level is knowing the fundamental underpinnings of your field and being able to build something ex nihilo, e.g. creating a new dish with any random arbitrary subset of ingredients, or creating interesting weird builds of your own, or going to the scientific literature to design a specific fitness routine to work for someone with one arm and one leg, etc.